Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mama I want my name to be change also...

A man from a far village from the Radio was admitted to the hospital, for his heart was failing slowly and while he was at the hospital he began to listen to our Christian Radio station, and in the midst of his struggle to survive he gave his life to the Lord as the one who was hosting that program lead him to salvation.
Slowly he began to see his heart beat is beating back to normal, tears began to run from his eyes as he began to understand that Jesus will accept him even that he is a sinner, her mother and wife was so shock to see the miracle that is taking place, for the doctor said that it seems that there is no hope in him.
Holding her wife's hand he looked up to his mother and said ..'' Mama I want my name to be change also.."
His name is AHO KOVI(which mean bad day) her mama said "yes" and now his name is AHO LOTU (which mean day of prayer)...WOW....his life was changed and his name was changed, isn't God is awesome.
When he came out from the hospital he came straight to the Radio station, sitting with me and sharing his testimony, everyone was crying at the station and straight away I ask him if he want to share his testimony on air live, he said yes.While he was sharing live on the Radio, people began to call as AHO LOTU  BECOME A VOICE TO THE NATION THAT GOD CAN DO IT AGAIN. He even start praying for the sick on the Radio ....he just cry and pray.......... THANK YOU JESUS.
pacific partners donation on the right side of this blog
pacific partners donation on the right side of this blog

Thursday, 13 October 2011

See how God works in the Islands through the Radio

Kato Kakala is a mother of four beautiful girls.One day she was listening to the Christian Radio 93fm where she hear God speaks to her. She was going through a family problem, where her husband divorce her and leaving her with four girls. She struggle through life and the pain and brokenness in her was indescribable.
But praise God for the Christian Radio where she began to find the answer for her problem, which is Jesus.
She gave her life to the Lord  and the Radio started a discipleship class in her home, she began to grow in the Lord and her love for Jesus was very strong, she began to invite friends and families to the discipleship class where she would share how the Lord has change her.
Now she is a Radio host and run discipleship class in different places and encouraging people who are facing family problems, where she said ..''that if God can do it to me, He can do it also to you.
Kato is just an example of many people who are being blessed by the Radio and start having a relationship with God and even being a light to their church,families,working places and many more.
WOW ..... Isn't God amazing ..........Could you just imagine how many souls can be saved into the Kingdom of God through your prayer, donation and part of the great harvest. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Kiwi man who has the heart for the Tongan

Murray Sheerin is from New Zealand and he is married to a Tongan with 2 beautiful children (and that makes him a Tongan). He works for the Tonga Electric Power and also our technician here at the Radio.
Our air condition in our transmitter is too old and just cant continue on, so we need to replace it, we have been using that air condition, I think since the Radio started and to install a new one (which we have one at the Radio) will have to cost about $500 dollar. Murray have been asking me that we do need to put that new air condition as soon as possible or the heat will damage the transmitter. Honestly the Radio just don't have any fund for that.
As Murray understand the situation, he can tell what we are going through. So he stepped in and contact the company who is going to do installation and the prize went down to $275 (praise God)
. Knowing that the people of Tonga need a Radio he humbly take the money from his pocket and paid for it, and now we are back to normal........Thank you Murray............The Radio still owed Murray $275 and Murray as a humble man, give a smile as I said when we get some fund we will pay you back.
Murray's contribution for the Radio cannot be paid, he would wake up in the middle of the night if there is a problem with the Radio and he has given alot for the Radio. He is doing this just because of the Lord and he knows that GOD CARES FOR THE LITTLE DOTS IN THE ISLAND.
Please do pray for our brother Murray and if you would like to donate $275 it will be a blessing for through that donation it brings more souls into the Kingdom of God through the Radio

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

God is on time

Mary and Martha cried as they lost their brother and Lazarus was in the grave for four days.Jesus arrived and everyone said He is four days late, but according to Jesus, He is on time. What a story, Gods time is not your time, He teaches us to trust in Him.
The rent for my house is getting closer, the Radio staff need their wages for this week and it seems like everything is getting late according to my time, THEN GOD SHOWED UP HALLELUIAH ....THANK YOU JESUS. My landlord ask for the payment  in the morning and God sent a women in the afternoon with just the right amount ...paid in full ...hehehehe. The Radio bank account have only $3 dollar in it, I went and check it and hoping for a miracle ..and guess what? just enough for the stuff's wages .
God is on time

Malo e lelei from the Kingdom of Tonga

I do welcome you to my blog as I bring to you a taste of what God is doing in the Islands, which I call them little dots. I pray that in sharing what God is doing here in the Islands will greatly encourage you as we begins to see that God do care for us. My name is Willy Florian and I'm the Station Manager of a Christian Radio Station here in Tonga. Please do follow me on this exciting  journey day by day in what God is doing in Tonga through the Radio